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Catalonia is a region in the north-east of the Iberian peninsula. After Hellenic colonists, Carthage, Rome, and the Muslim invaders, Catalonia became the heart of the Counts of Barcelona who also came to rule the nearby Kingdom of Aragon. In the course of time, the King-Counts joined with Castile, leading to the formation of Spain which was legally completed in the 18th century when the last vestiges of the old Aragon were swept away.

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Did any of the bystanders express their reactions after realizing that they'd experienced the death of Antoni Gaudí?

Gaudí's death, on 7th June 1926, when he was struck by a tram while crossing a road, is generally described in narratives along the lines of 'the unkempt look of the wounded person made the onlookers ...
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How has Catalonia ended up being so nationalist?

I mean I cannot comprehend how the separatist sentiment has risen so much in just a little more than 40 years (considering that when Franco died nationalism did exist, but nowhere near where it's now ...
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Was Catalonia ever a sovereign state? [closed]

This is one question that perplexes me: Was Catalonia ever a sovereign state? I understand that Catalonia was developed out of the Frankish counties of the Marca Hispania, but it still seems disputed ...
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