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Questions tagged [caucasus]

The Caucasus, or Caucasia, is an area situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and mainly occupied by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia.

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Were deportations committed by Stalin during WWII covered in Allies' press? [closed]

Was the deportation of the Chechen and Ingush populations (carried out in 1944) covered in the media of the Allied powers?
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Why did Hitler split army group south for the 1942 summer offensive?

The German plan for the summer of 1942 was to drain the Soviet Union dry of oil and foreign aid, with the three main objectives of Leningrad, Murmansk, and the Caucasus. The plan to capture the ...
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1 answer

Why was Axis intelligence so poor in relation to Operation Uranus?

Given that the Axis knew the USSR would attack (at some point) in the Caucasus, that the bulk of the USSR's Caucasus forces not committed to Stalingrad had escaped the Fall Blau offensives, and that ...
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How did Azerbaijan come to be allied with Turkey and Israel?

I'm reading a news article (in French) about the resurgence of conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh and I learn that Azerbaijan is predominantly a Shiite country. This, in my understanding of traditional ...
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9 answers

Could the Soviet Union have continued fighting World War II without Caucasus oil?

In 1942, Germany's Fall Blau was initially aimed at capturing or interdicting shipments of oil from the Caucasus to the rest of the Soviet Union. Even though armies were diverted to Stalingrad and ...
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3 answers

What factors discouraged the Nazis from focusing all their forces on the Caucasus region during Operation Barbarossa?

Instead of splitting his invasion force into three groups, it appears it would have been more sensible to focus on taking over the Caucasus region first. At the time, Baku, a Caucasus oil metropolis, ...
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Is this assessment of the damage caused to Azerbaijan during the Nagorno-Karabakh war accurate?

Armenia and Azerbaijan fought a mutually bloody war between 1988 and 1994. The Azerbaijan government (specifically, its embassy in Latvia, of all places) said that the Armenians caused all the ...
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What did Russia do about Caucasus oil after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

During World War II, something like 72% of the Soviet Union's oil came from Baku, Azerbaijan, in the Caucasus. More like 86% if you count Grozny (Chechnya), and other Caucasus territories, leaving ...
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3 answers

What does Russia want in Chechnya?

I have heard that Russia has been fighting with the Chechens on and off for about 300 years, occasionally losing control and reconquering. What exactly does Russia have to gain by retaining control of ...