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A census is a statistical procedure foundational to demographics. It now consists of systematically acquiring, counting, calculating, recording, and publishing information about a given population and its members at one specific point in time.

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3 answers

Did census in Ancient History gathered any other information than number of people?

According to different articles, Babylonians and ancient Greeks, Chineses, Romans and Egyptians made census (and perhaps several other civilizations I'm not aware of) Did census in Ancient History ...
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What was the first city directory?

A great genealogical and social historical source are city directories. These are books that typically list the heads of households and businesses within a city. Information contained can include ...
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What was the logic behind state censuses?

Conducting genealogy research, I always liked when my targets were in times and places where they have state censuses to back up the federal census. Frequently, the state census is conducted in years ...
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Where are the 1921 census records for Haloch?

Haloch is a small village in Ukraine (Ukrainian wikipedia), part of the Zakarpattia Oblast. In 1921, it was part of Czechoslovakia. That year, there was a census, "The First Czechoslovak ...
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What did 'bookseller' cover as an occupation on British census documents during Victorian times?

I have been researching some of my husband's ancestors who lived in the poorest parts of Liverpool during the second part of the 19th century. Two of his female relatives who had been widowed turned ...
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How was the initial allocation of the US House of Representatives decided?

Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 of the US Constitution: and until such enumeration shall be made, the State of New Hampshire shall be entitled to chuse three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode-Island and ...
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In Indian census, were the children of a Thug recorded as "Yet to Be Thug"?

I read (can't remember where at the moment) that in a population census (probably around 1911) the child of a thug used to be recorded as "yet to be thug" in profession column in India. ...
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Is individual level data from British India censuses (1881 - 1941) available?

If not, was there ever a record of this available? What happened to these records? If available, where can I find them?
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1 answer

How common were foreigners in the Weimar republic?

Was it common to find foreigners in Germany during Weimar Republic and the beginning of the Nazi regimes? Because they do not seem particularly attractive historical periods but I found many ...
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What was the relative social status of a "grazier" in Victorian England?

I'm looking at census returns for the village of Eversholt, Bedfordshire, in the Victorian period. Farming was the biggest employer. This is post-enclosure, 1851 to 1901. Enclosure happened in 1806. ...
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1785 state [sic -- see the postscript below] census of Vermont?

In 1785 Vermont was a de-facto independent country that was unrecognized largely because the government of New York adamantly insisted that Vermont was legally part of New York (as King George III had ...
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