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Why are there holidays marking VE/VJ/Armistice Day in different cultures, while many other wars aren't commemorated at their conclusion?

I have tried to research why there seems to be commemorations and/or holidays marking the end of the World War in countries around the world, but seemingly in the United states we do not mark the end ...
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Why was Reagan sworn in twice for his second term?

I was looking at Wikipedia's article on Justice Potter Stewart and was surprised to read: On January 20 and 21, 1985, Stewart administered the oath of office for Vice President George H. W. Bush. (...
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When was the first sauna on a ship?

Heat baths or sweat lodges such as the Russian banya and the temescal of the Mesoamericans are common around the world, especially where it gets cold. These insulated, purpose-built structures are ...
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Has any society normally accepted a marriage where someone married unwittingly? [closed]

I recently saw in a movie, "Jeremiah Johnson" (the one from 1972, with Robert Redford), in which Johnson marries a woman unintentionally by sipping from a bowl that she offered. The tribe considered ...
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When did individual graves and modern cemetary and tombstones become common place?

There is already a question on when the tombstone was first recorded, but my question is when did the modern Western concepts of cemeteries with organized plots and tombstones and other markers with ...
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What did English people really say when knighting someone?

A while ago I curiously looked up this question and found out that people did not say "I dub thee..." or "Arise..." to him who was being made a knight, but instead used a Latin phrase which I forget. ...
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What kind of music was played at European, High Middle Age (c. 1100-1400 A.D.) universities' ceremonies?

What music was played at European medieval universities in the High Middle Ages (circa 1100-1400)—for example, at their commencement or convocation ceremonies, at ceremonies inducting professors into ...
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