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Strategy board game played by two players, dating the first millennium AD.

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Did J. Robert Oppenheimer ever play chess?

There is an infamous chess game between Einstein and Oppenheimer that has zero evidence of having happened (and that appears everytime I try to look something about this question and now even the ...
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Was the earliest precursor of chess part of Indo-European culture?

I've recently delved into the historical roots of chess and have come across some intriguing information that I'd like some further insight on. As per the History of chess , Chaturanga is recognized ...
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How would Chess have been played in England in 1450-1600?

I'm trying to reconstruct how Chess would have been played at various points in history in England, specifically at three points: around 1450, 1530, and 1610. What rules would have been used at these ...
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What is the origin of the "wheat and chessboard" legend?

The "wheat and chessboard" fable describes a geometric problem that is often quoted in stories about the invention of chess. According to Wikipedia, the main theme of the fable is: When the creator ...
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