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Were the North Vietnamese close to collapse in 1972?

I have seen snippets (first in Jeremiah Denton's book "When Hell was in Session" ) of information from recent scholarship that the North Vietnamese may have been ready to give up in 1972. I ...
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Why iron is not discussed more as a probable cause of "Bronze age collapse"? [closed]

Most discussed possible causes for Bronze Age Collapse are Climate change Droughts (either natural, or caused by deforestation) Volcanic eruption Sea People But Bonze Age Collapse is also begining ...
32 votes
3 answers

Did ancient Romans anticipate the fall of Rome?

Background: The Fall of Rome The Roman Empire collapsed as a political entity in several stages during the 5th, 6th, and 7th century CE. Specifically, these are: the crossing of the Rhine by the ...
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Did the Eastern Romans also use Roman concrete?

When I read about Roman concrete I understand its use was forgotten after the fall of the Roman empire. But what about the Eastern Roman empire, the Byzantine Empire? Did they still make buildings ...
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What access did people in the Warsaw pact countries have to Western television and radio?

Did people in socialist East Germany and Central Europe really watch Western television as casually as Westerners did, during the cold war? Were there laws against it? Were TV and radio receivers ...
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Has a plague ever caused a civilization to collapse?

It is a fairly common trope in apocalyptic fiction to imagine a plague to cause modern civilization to completely collapse. (c.f. Stephen King's "The Stand" ). But has this ever actually happened in ...
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A unitary state split into several smaller ones

Can you give examples of a unitary state splitting into several smaller states in modern history. What was the basis for the self determination of the pieces?
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3 answers

Plagues in Pre-European Americas?

Are there any historical accounts that those living in the Americas encountered a plague or plagues that proved to be as devastating on the population as that of the Bubonic (black) plague in Europe? ...
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