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What role did Congo play in the outbreak of WW1? [closed]

Yeah, really crazy sounding question. But please hold on, moderator! :) Congo was a Belgian colony in 1914, and neutral Belgium was the first country that Germany invaded. And if Germany got Congo, ...
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What was the state of the Congo in 1959?

I'm reading the Poisonwood Bible. It is about a missionary family, the Prices, who in 1959 move from the U.S. state of Georgia to the village of Kilanga in the Belgian Congo. I really have no idea ...
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Why did Laurent-Désiré Kabila start the Second Congo War? [closed]

During the Second Congo War, numerous Rwandan sources report that Laurent-Désiré Kabila commenced the Second Congo War. In contrast, other sources and Human rights activists stated Rwanda and Uganda ...
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Why has the Congo ended up French-speaking but not Flemish-speaking? [closed]

Why is there hardly any Flemish linguistic heritage in the former Belgian colonies, at least at the institutional level? EDIT (Evidence of prior research): Neither the Democratic Republic of the Congo ...
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Was there a serious effort by the Muslims of East Africa to spread Islam into the Central Regions of Africa?

Was there a serious effort by the Muslims of East Africa to spread Islam into the Central Regions of Africa (Congo, Uganda, Zambia, etc)? Or was their primary interest in Central Africa nothing more ...
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On the eve of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's independence, the country had virtually zero doctors, or any other intellectuals?

Even Patrice Lumumba was educated at the level of a clerk. So why did the pioneers of the independence movement think that the newly independent country would succeed? Follow up: Is this trend ...
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When and why was the Shinkolobwe Mine flooded and re-opened?

The Shinkolobwe Mine was the best Uranium mine during WW2. It had great concentration of uranium oxides on the order of 20% to 65%. By contrast, all other Uranium mines I've read about had ...
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Why has mechanized mining never developed in Congo?

Lack of infrastructure has often been cited as one of the main reasons for the conflicts in eastern Congo. The mining areas are hard to reach, mining work is done by hand and simple, makeshift tools ...
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