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In the Soviet Union, what was the average cookware available in the home?

What was the average cookware available in someone's home (apartment) in the Soviet Union? The period I'm most interested in is the post-war up to the Brezhnev Stagnation, so this is roughly 1945 - ...
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How was coffee brewed in Philadelphia (or surrounding area) in 1904?

I am writing a story about a physician in Philadelphia in 1904. I read that Hills Bros. packaged the first 'vacuum packed tins' of coffee. I just don't know if there was enough distribution that he ...
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What is the origin of the Danish dough whisk?

Recently I've been trying to find more information on the Danish dough whisk, which is a tool used for mixing thicker dough by hand. Every article I read about it seems to have a variation of the same ...
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Why do old kitchen stoves have circular openings in the upper surface?

As a sidenote to this question: Why do European 19th century kitchen stoves for solid fuels often have circular openings on top? Is the heating more effective if there is no additional metal between ...
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