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Questions tagged [crimea]

For questions regarding the Crimean Peninsula (or historically: Tauric Peninsula), a land mass in Eastern Europe surrounded by the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

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What is Russia's official reason for invading Crimea? [closed]

I'm having trouble finding Russia's official reason for invading the Crimea region of Ukraine. If my memory serves me right, didn't they change the reason halfway through the invasion?
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Is this symbol found in Crimea Gothic? Indian? Indo-European?

What is this symbol's history in the West? —Mangup Kale, Crimea To me it looks like the Sri Yantra of South Asia, but Crimea is far from there. Was it distributed during early Indo-European ...
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Many Questions Regarding the Principality of Theodoros

I think I've made a pretty decent list of Princes of Theodoros. However, I'm still not quite sure about a lot of them. Here is my list. Demetrios 1340 to 1370 (rough) Basil 1370 (rough) to 1380 (...
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A source for Gerald Goodlake's exploit during the Crimean War

I was reading up on trench coats for the winter and came upon this passage about Gerald Goodlake: He [Goodlake] wore this coat during the Crimean war, in which he commanded a force of sharpshooters....
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Did Russia and Ukraine exchange Crimea for Taganrog? [closed]

Did Ukraine give Russia the Taganrog region in exchange for Crimea?
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Why did the USSR give Crimea to Ukraine?

In 1954 Soviets transferred Crimea from Russian Soviet Republic to Ukrainian Soviet Republic. Why is this strange? The whole act, at least officially, was meant to be "a gift", a token of friendship....
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