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2 answers

Was there ever a strategic concern about East German refusing to fight against West Germans (and vice versa) if the cold war had gone hot?

Given the two nations used to be one (and many people probably had relatives/friends on one side or the other), is there any evidence that this was ever a strategic concern for either side? Were there ...
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1 vote
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How did the East Slavic pagans perceive the process of Christianization of Rus'? [closed]

I read that the Christianization of Rus' was of great civilizational, political and cultural significance for the Eastern Slavs. One of the notable aspects of this theme is the view, supported by some ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Have people ever been deterred from reporting an event because the report might seem impossible? [closed]

I'm seeking occurrences in history where people or organizations did some activity, but witnesses who would speak about the activity, would be considered insane, because of the unlikely nature of the ...
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6 votes
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Are there any examples of people being able to predict the consequences of communication revolutions?

I often read predictions about future technologies from analysis companies like Gartner Group. These studies often strike me as awfully linear in their view on development. I would, therefore, like to ...
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At what point do armies tend to break?

I remember hearing something about where it was discerned that after a certain percent of losses armies tend to break (ie retreat). Does research on this exist? If so, at what point do armies tend ...
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