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Questions about the tariffs levied by a government, sovereign authority, or local authority on the importation and/or exportation of merchandise into or out of the dominions of the authority.

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How many customs houses were there in 1850 California?

Mexican California's customs house was in Monterey. When the territory became part of the U.S. in 1846, San Francisco was the emergent port city. Despite the territory's political commitment to ...
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How came the poppy be associated with WW1?

I am not from a Commonwealth country and stumbled on some Twitch recordings over the fact that on 11/12th of November, some people (Canadians) would display poppies to remember the end of the first ...
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When did passenger ships first have an on board duty-free shop?

According to several sites, the first duty-free shop opened at Shannon Airport in Ireland in 1947, since when duty-free shopping has become an enormous international business even though some airlines ...
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In a challenge to duel, what happened if a thrown gauntlet (and later, glove) was refused?

What would become of a gauntlet or glove after a denied duel? I'm not finding any hints on Google. Would the challenger abandon it after throwing it to their challengee's feet, as a matter of honor? ...
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What is this symbol in red box?

Excerpted from China Imperial Maritime Customs, Special Series: Silk
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What kinds of goods were commonly smuggled in the Roman Empire up to the end of the 3rd century AD?

In April 2012, LIVESCIENCE reported on the discovery of a 3rd century AD ship which sank near Trapani, Sicily. According to the report, Her cargo, officially consisting of assorted jars once ...
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Why do we clink glasses and say cheers?

Is it true that in Medieval Times kings used to invite other king for a feast and poison other king's drink? this became so prevelant that the guest king would clink his glass with the host king's ...
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Did a ritual of pushing 60-year-olds off a bridge really exist in Archaic Rome?

I've read about the archaic Roman practice of killing 60-year-olds by pushing them off a bridge, in a book by historian Eva Cantarella, namely Perfino Catone scriveva ricette - I greci, i romani e noi ...
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Regional Customs for Leaving a King's Presence

Maimonides, in his Laws of Prayer (Mishne Torah, Hilkhot Tefillah 5:11) provides an analogy for a prayer-related Jewish custom, whereby one concludes his Amidah by bowing first to his left and then to ...
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Did Roman unmarried men have a preferred hand and finger for wearing their seal ring?

I have read that, generally, Roman men during the Empire would wear only one ring at a time. For instance here: An unmarried one ...
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Has there ever been a practise of duelling with bows?

I'm aware of a history of duelling in European cultures over a number of centuries. Usually the result of one or other party being insulted and it seems to only 'count' as a duel if there's a good ...
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When was the last time there were border controls, customs, or border patrols inside what is now the contiguous US?

Reading about the complexities of Europe has made me wonder about when American (internal) borders were less porous. Also, were the borders between the 13 colonies completely open? Or did they at ...
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Internal customs in the Roman Empire

Did Romans pay customs on goods transported within the Empire? Is there any information available about the rates and the rules? For instance, what would a Roman citizen arriving in Alexandria have to ...
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