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What exactly happened in 1974 during the invasion of Cyprus by the Turks? [closed]

This is very recent history and I want to make up my opinion on this. What exactly happened during the invasion of Cyprus in 1974 from Turkey? There are 2 sides of this story but historically which ...
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Why did the USA revoke the arms embargo or sanction on Turkey only after 3 years of the invasion of Cyprus?

Turkey is still occupying almost half of the island of Cyprus. According to Wikipedia: United States arms embargo on Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus After the hostilities of 1974, the United States ...
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Is there any research on the (possible) ancient origins of populations in different regions in Cyprus and their movements on the island?

I was looking at a map of the kingdoms of ancient Cyprus where each kingdom was presented to have had either Greek majority , Phoenician majority or was mixed Greek/Eteocypriot so I was wondering if I ...
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Did Turkey invade Cyprus to keep the USSR out? Is there really CIA files that prove this for real? [closed]

I have watched an video about the invasion but one of the comments made me think a little bit different. The real reason behind the Cypriot War of 1974 was to prevent the (Greek) Cypriot ...
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Is Makarios III's harsh quote on Turkish Cypriots accurate?

There is a quote by Makarios III from 1964 (during the Crisis of 1963–1964), regarding a possible Turkish intervention in the island. It has been very infamous in Turkey, and has gained attention ...
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Has there ever been an archbishop or bishop younger than the 16-year-old James of Nicosia?

In 1456, King John II of Cyprus appointed his illegitimate son James as Latin Archbishop of Nicosia. James was just 16 at the time. James soon lost his position, being forced to flee the following ...
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Were Cypriots able to pay their bills during the "bail in" of March 2013?

During the Cypriot financial crisis, it seems that a "bank holiday" was announced on March 16 and lasted until March 26, during which time ATM withdrawals were impossible or at least tightly ...
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How fortified was Cyprus during WW2?

How fortified was Cyprus during WW2? By that I mean how many Allied naval ships were defending it, how many aircraft and airbases, and how many troops with what equipment? The period I'm most ...
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