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How prevalent was premarital sex in Late Medieval Christendom?

A few months, I very much enjoyed a playthrough of the video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is set within the borders of what was then the Kingdom of Bohemia during the Western Schism (1378 - ...
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How did the Czech Legion get home?

The Czech Legion was allied with the Russian Tsars just prior to the Russian revolution. After the Bolsheviks took power, they were unable to return via Europe. So they crossed the whole of Eurasia ...
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How was the Czech sudetenland repopulated by Czechs?

After Nazi Germany's defeat in 1945, many Germans from former minority communities were expelled from central europe. In addition to that, two significantly large areas with German majority were ...
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Where, exactly, was the "Sudetenland?"

In an early version of my earlier Skoda Works question, I placed the works in the "Sudetenland." A European protested that they were 250 kms. away from the Sudetes mountains, which he considered the ...
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1972 textbook by Charles University professor on Thirty Years War

Just yesterday I came across a textbook citation on the Thirty Years War. Here is what I (think I can) remember about the book in question: the author was professor at Charles University in Prague, ...
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Why were the Prague Spring leaders treated more leniently than Nagy and his colleagues?

Following the Warsaw Pact's 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia the lead Czech reformer Alexander Dubček was dismissed and given a lowly job with the forestry commission. A decade or so earlier, the ...
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