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For questions asking about the specific date of an event.

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Today, do we celebrate anniversaries of events that happened in time of Julian calendar, on Julian date or at corresponding Gregorian date?

Today do we celebrate anniversaries of events that happened in time of Julian calendar, on the Julian date or at the corresponding Gregorian date? Do historians write the dates of scientific works in ...
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Did Maupassant write to his mother about his attraction to women?

The book How the Brain Lost its Mind quotes a letter from Guy de Maupassant, adressed to his mother, in which he explains his inability to resist his attraction to women. I am obsessed by women. I ...
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Which date is true?

I was looking at this article about Battle of Karbala: The Battle of Karbala (Arabic: مَعْرَكَة كَرْبَلَاء) was fought on 10 October 680 (10 Muharram in the year 61 AH of the Islamic calendar) ...
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How can I check/get a BCE calendar for a particular year?

Does anybody know a formula, trick, or gods forbid, a friggin' (free) website or program for generating a Gregorian calendar for a BCE year? Like, say I wanted to know what day of the week Caesar was ...
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When did Albertus Magnus write 'On Animals'?

When is it most likely that Albertus Magnus finished writing On Animals ? I can't seem to find any guesses more accurate than "within his lifetime"
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Do wars in Europe rarely start on a Wednesday? [closed]

When the Russian ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, was asked by the German newspaper Die Welt whether Russian armed forces would start to invade the Ukraine on Wednesday February 16th, as ...
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What does mean 'c.X' date format in history ? (with X a number) [closed]

English is not my native language and I didn't found the answer on the net. I read on different places "he died c.405", what does mean this 'c.' notation? Is it about centuries? (example ...
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Which specific day of 1964 was the tree Prometheus (WPN-114) cut down?

In 1964, one of the oldest non-clonal living things in the world, Prometheus, a Great Basin bristlecone pine, was cut down. (This is important background information for a story I'm writing, and ...
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Why is artist Heinrich Kley's death date unknown?

Wikipedia and other information about artist Heinrich Kley tell about his art but not tell why his death date is unknown. From English Wikipedia: 'The date of Kley's death is uncertain. Rumors ...
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Should the 2500th anniversary of the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC) be 2020 or 2021? [closed]

The Economist (2020-10-10): 2,500 years ago a small Greek fleet thrashed a huge Persian one. ... It is the 2,500th anniversary of one of the greatest naval battles of the ancient world. In the early ...
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How many days have elapsed since October 23, 4004 B.C.?

I need the number of exact days from October 23, 4004 B.C., but obviously it's a bit challenging, i.e. there were some days "disappeared" in the history, and things became a bit complicated. ...
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What was Artaxerxes I ascension year? [closed]

I'm sorry I cannot add references as 99% of the knowledge I have on the subject is picked off online. Going through my search engine it appears that the ascension year for Artaxerxes I is commonly ...
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What date did Henry Morgan capture his most famous flagship, the "Satisfaction"?

When Henry Morgan captured the French privateer ship, "Le Cerf Volant" he rechristened it the "Satisfaction" and used it as his flagship until it was lost near Panama in 1671 during a mission to ...
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What is the history of "industrial date coding" (year followed by week number)?

Does anyone know the history of the common date format that the ISO week date is based on. The Wikipedia article mentioned it was previously known as "Industrial date coding". Usually, it looks ...
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What is the approximate date of this photo?

The photo below is of an (as yet) unidentified (English) family member and is from the London studio of Hermann Ernst. There is nothing printed on the back. The photo is part of a collection, the ...
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Did the discovery of zero affect our calendar and how we count days? Are we off by a tenth?

There have been a few articles written recently identifying the time at which the number zero was invented. Some stating the 9th century and recently a new carbon dating of a piece of parchment dates ...
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Why does the first decade of the 21st century start with 2000?

Wikipedia says that The 21st century began on January 1, 2001 and will end on December 31, 2100. The first decade of 21st century is the 2000s. Here Wikipedia says that The 2000s was a decade ...
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Is Armenia the first Christian state?

I have heard from people and read on the internet that Armenia is considered to be the first country to adopt Christianity as state religion (the exact date is widely disputed, though 301 AD is the ...
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How are dates in BCE ordered?

The number representing a year or a century gets smaller as we approach AD / CE. I was wondering what happens if we have an exact BC / BCE date. Do months and days also get smaller as we approach AD /...
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Was Nebuchadnezzar made King in a year other than 605 BC?

According to a Babylonian astronomy observation text, there was a lunar eclipse in Nebuchadnezzar's 32nd year. This eclipse has been placed at 568 BC. I'm assuming we can then affirm that ...
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When was AUC first attested?

Ancient Romans generally identified years by the names of their consuls. When was AUC, ab urbe condita, or any of its various abbreviations first used? It was very popular in the Renaissance but it ...
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Tiberius, Augustus, and Eusebius

I was reading Eusebius' work The Church History which says Tiberius "succeeded to the throne after the fifty-seven-year reign of Augustus". This appears to be inaccurate, being that this event ...
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Rules to correctly write an ancient Roman date

So the background is that I am working on some code to translate a Gregorian date to an Ancient Rome date. Upon Googling ancient roman dates I have the formula down pretty solid. However, I keep ...
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Accuracy of Ancient Dates of Persian/Middle East Based on Astronomy

What astronomical events have helped determine the accuracy of historical dates of Middle Eastern (specifically Persian) events? Some examples of Middle Eastern/Persian events could be the year a king ...
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What is the oldest precisely dated event? [duplicate]

I'm wondering what is the oldest date we can precisely place on ancient events. Ideally, I would like to know the oldest human event that we know (at least today) the exact day it happened (with ...
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Which calendar to use in English for non-European countries?

When a modern historian is writing about European history in the English language, I know it is customary to use either the Julian or Gregorian calendar, whichever was in force in the time and place ...
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What is the difference between these dates in Treaty of Versailles? [closed]

There are three dates that are significant when we talk about the end of World War I and the Treaty of Versailles (or at least the ones I have heard of): 28 June 1919 11 November 1918 18 November ...
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In which year of the post-WWII Occupation of Japan was the Imperial Rescript on Education repealed?

The 1890 Imperial Rescript on Education was repealed during the Allied Occupation of Japan led by Douglas MacArthur, but I cannot find an exact date for this, or even in which year it happened. I am ...
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How can one reliably date a carved stone item or structure?

This is what I've read in an article (won't share it here out of fear of attracting several downvotes just for posting a link of that kind) that raises some questions: Carbon dating is carried out on ...
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What is the earliest written date?

What is the earliest written date found? When I say "date" I primarily mean a date in the Gregorian calendar (perhaps the calendar-year is most interesting). It could also be interesting to know ...
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What's the birthdate of Jesus of Nazareth, assuming he existed? [closed]

This post is not about the existence of Jesus, we assume that here. It is well-known that Jesus of Nazareth was not born on December 25th 1 BC. The historians are agree for a year between 7 and 2 BC....
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When did Phintys say "A woman's particular virtue is modesty . . ."? [closed]

I recently came across an interesting quote in a book I was reading. Here's the excerpt from the book: "A woman's particular virtue is modesty (σωφοσυνη), for by it she is enabled to honor and ...
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Where in Poland and when in 1986 did stuntman Ian B. Jamieson perform?

I've these 3 old pictures of mine: So my question is: Where and when stuntman did Ian Bruce Jamieson perform in Poland? Some known details: The pictures are from around 1986 taken in Szczecin, Poland....
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Did the date of 9/11 have significance, or was it chosen randomly?

One thing I've been wondering about ever since 9/11 is whether the date was randomly chosen, or if it was chosen specifically for its resemblance to the American emergency hotline 9-1-1 (or something ...
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The Chronology Challenge: earliest verifiable date of a historical event? [closed]

If we go backwards in time using verifiable dates, what is the earliest event which can be associated with a specific day without question? I am most interested in answers that actually show the ...
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