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Questions tagged [dday]

Questions about the preparation, execution, and aftermath of the Battle of Normandy (June 6 - September 1, 1944).

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How many Allied lieutenants were killed during the D-Day beach landings?

How many Allied lieutenants were killed during the D-Day beach landings? There seemed to be 2 lieutenants boarded in each landing craft.
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Why couldn't the Allies clear out D-Day gun emplacements before landing troops? [closed]

It's common knowledge that the D-Day assaults on the beaches were a horrific "meat grinder" due to Allied troops having to face the suicidal conditions of charging gun emplacements on high ground ...
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Which factors led to the different casualty ratio betwen British and German forces during the Battle of Normandy?

I take for example the VIIIth corps of the British Army, which was part of multiple operations in Normandy in 1944. If you go through the different operations listed in the article, there are very ...
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Normandy: Why did the landing craft open on the front?

I assume this beach scenario was typical on D-Day. (Graphic violence) It shows a landing craft reaching the shore, where it lowers a hatch on the front of the craft, exposing the invading soldiers to ...
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Why are only the Normandy landings referred to as D-Day?

Thinking about the anniversary of the Normandy landings, I was struck that the terms D-Day and H-hour were used to denote the start time of all allied military operations. Are there any specific ...
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How many Axis troops fought on D-Day? [closed]

How many Axis troops fought in Normandy, in the vicinity of the beaches, on D-Day? I've tried many sources and they have focused primarily on the Allied Forces.
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Why weren't aircraft carriers utilized during D-day?

Why were aircraft carriers not used during and following D-Day? They could have added a great deal of range to the air support operations.
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How many troops died on D-day?

How many troops (allied and axis) died at Normandy beach on June 6th, 1944? I've searched all over the internet, but can't find an accurate number.
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