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What role did Elizabeth II play in actions of the British Empire during her reign? [closed]

Much of the critical commentary on Elizabeth II's legacy following her death has concerned actions of the British state in its colonies during her reign. An historically significant number of these ...
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What stopped the British from granting independence to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

On the Wikpedia article about the History of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands: During the independence of both India (1947) and Burma (1948), the departing British announced their intention to ...
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What authority did the US Army have in Egypt between 1945 and 1950?

I am trying to research a brief period of time in Egypt immediately after Britain's withdrawal in 1945, specifically the presence and authority of the US military there (if any) before 1950. Was ...
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Was Queen Elizabeth II ever the head of state of Namibia?

Let's set the scene, WW1 is over and part of the negotiations, and the only thing we're really focusing on here, is that Deutsch-Südwestafrika becomes administered by the Union of South Africa, the ...
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Did the Portuguese get anything in return when they handed back Macau?

In 1999, Portugal fully returned Macau to China. However, did they get something for giving Macau back to China, or was it just a sign of good faith and decolonization in general?
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What was the 'indemnity' paid out by Haiti actually for?

The Haitian Revolution was a successful anti-slavery and anti-colonial insurrection between 1791 and 1804 and led by Toussaint L'Ouvrture. Haiti paid reparations to French slave-holders set in 1825 ...
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Are there recommended practices for writing about oppressed peoples?

This question is about responsible historiography. History as written by winners tends to devalue and misrepresent the experiences of subordinate groups (see Textbooks: Zinn People’s History; Labour: ...
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Why weren't colonies accepted as part of their colonizing countries?

I'll use the British empire as an example, although in principle the same question could apply to every other colonial power. The British empire was ruled by the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom ...
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Mutual support in Latin American wars of independence

Nascent Latin American countries expelled Spain with some mutual aid from each other. Between 1815 and 1822, independent Argentina and Chile sent newly acquired naval forces (under Bouchard, Brown, ...
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Who decided on the name "Mexico"?

New Spain's independence struggle led to adopting the national identity of "México", the name of its major city and the Mexica society there. In referring to a specific indigenous group, Mexico seems ...
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Was Governor Solá expelled from Mexico?

Pablo Vicente de Solá was a Spanish military officer who served resisting the Hidalgo Revolt and then as the last Spanish governor of Alta California. [Nuttall: The Gobernantes of Spanish Upper ...
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When did Canada become truly independent?

I see that Canada became independent in 1867. But someone told me it wasn't truly independent until the 1980s. Is that true? In what sense is it true? I don't see anything about it in that article or ...
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Class-conscious, non-Marxist historiographies

Marxist historiography focuses on social class and economics forces, and assumes an inexorable trend towards socialist revolution. What kind of historiography shares the concern about class ...
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Why are the Lesser Antilles so politically fragmented?

St. Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda are both English/English Creole speaking, and are right next to each other. Why are they not linked politically? Similar question for, e.g. Barbados and St....
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How did Manuel Quezon convince the US to release the Philippines?

In 1934, the Tydings-McDuffie act was passed by Congress after Manuel Quezon's mission convinced them to grant independence to the Philippines. But in 1934, decolonization was not yet en vogue - ...
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Why did Guinea vote so differently in the 1958 French constitutional referendum?

In the 1958 French constitutional referendum, 79.3% of Metropolitan France and 82.3% of the territories voted in favor of the constitution. Out of the latter, votes in favor ranged from 64.40% in ...
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Was the British Empire financially capable of maintaining India as a colony after WW2?

In India, it is generally accepted that Indian Independence from the British was the culmination of the 190 year long freedom struggle; from the armed conflicts of the mid-1800s to the more peaceful ...
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How did "de-Nazification" efforts by Austria's occupiers proceed after WW2?

In his book, At Memory's Edge by James E. Young, the author states: In fact, unlike Germany’s near obsession with its Nazi-past, Austria’s relationship to its wartime history has remained ...
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Why did Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia remain loyal to France during and after World War II?

During WW II Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia did not revolt against either Vichy France or Free France. Not only did they not take advantage of the initial French defeat and its occupation by Axis powers,...
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How common is nostalgia for the colonial perod in countries which gained independence in the 20th century? [closed]

Having spent most of my life in Eastern Europe, I observe that a lot of people have at least some nostalgic feelings toward the era of Soviet occupation. Of course, personal freedom, free speech etc. ...
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How much of colonialism profit was continued post-colonialism by neo-imperialism/neo-colonialism? [closed]

(Particularly European colonial countries) My understanding of colonialism is that it provided significant wealth/resources in the early industrialization of colonial countries. Does that generally ...
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How did the European and international left react to the Cafe War?

During Algerian decolonization, one episode was the Cafe War, when the mainstream Algerian independence group FLN and the communist MNA killed each other's members. This left several thousand dead in ...
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