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Why did Italian artillery perform so badly during WWII? [closed]

Italian artillery available during WW2 looks pretty numerous, speaking about the different cannons and howitzers available. They also looked efficient, considering range, caliber or accuracy. In the ...
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When is the earliest mention of snowfall in hot deserts?

In 2020 Saudi Arabia Experienced Unusually Heavy Snowfall. A powerful storm bringing sub-zero temperatures has transformed parts of the Saudi Arabian desert into a winter wonderland. My search of ...
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When did the allied "Desert Air Force" in North Africa smash Axis armour?

In the answers to this question, it is mentioned that allied air power "smashed" Axis armour in North Africa. Is there a major battle at which it occurred? Or did it happen during a longer ...
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Where was Haile Selassie's palace in the Ogaden Desert?

According to Kapuściński's informant W.A.-N., in the former's book about Haile Selassie, The Emperor: It is true that some excesses were committed. For instance, a great Palace was constructed in ...
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