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Questions tagged [dictatorship]

Questions related to the history of authoritarian forms of government usually characterized by a single or small group of leaders, wielding absolute power over a people or nation.

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States calling themselves a dictatorship

Yesterday I learned of the (somewhat obscure) Centrocaspian Dictatorship, an unrecognised state that existed for less than 2 months in 1918. Are there any other (less obscure) states that have called ...
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Has there ever been a peaceful overthrow of a dictator or monarch?

Has there ever been a peaceful overthrow of a dictator or monarch? By peaceful I mean without assassination, military coup, major violent protests, killing of civilians, war, etc. The closest thing I ...
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When did the hypocrisy to call a dictatorship "free, democratic, republic etc." start?

If we take a look at country designations, with depressing regularity the most repressive ones call themselves e.g.: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) Democratic Republic of the ...
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Who was the last leader of a country to call himself a dictator, or the last regime that called itself a dictatorship?

Dictator was originally a title from Ancient Rome, which some modern regimes have used. I'm asking who was or is the most recent to do that. I'm just assuming it was probably a man since most rulers ...
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What was Libya's form of direct democracy (Jamahiria) like in practice?

I've been following the recent events in Libya and I learned about the Green Book, which outlines Gaddafi's vision for a democratic socialism. Published in 1975, it proposed a form of direct democracy ...
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How did Hitler imagine his succession? (for the case nazis would win the war)

I am not asking about any resolution he might have made in the feverish April of 1945. Do we have any information how Hitler imagined the government of his Reich after he would have died from old ...
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Dictators who came back through elections?

Were there any dictators1 who, after being toppled by a revolution or the like, managed to get back to power via what is (or was considered by the norms applied at the time) free and transparent2 ...
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Why did Kabila discard the name and flag of Zaire?

Early in Mobutu's long spell in power he instituted a policy of Authenticité, promoting African names over colonial ones. As part of that policy the name of the country was changed from Congo to Zaire....
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What are the safeguards in the German constitution of 1949 against dictatorship?

In the constitution of 1949 Germany ensured that chancellors could not endow themselves with additional powers, eliminating the chance of a repeat of Hitler's 1933 episode. What were these steps?
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What legal or moral mechanism ensured Stalin's grip on power? [closed]

TL;DR version: How tyrants hold power, in general, and how did Stalin? I mean, for example, Hitler was voted (the "enabling bill") as the absolute ruler of Germany and his will became legally law (...
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3 answers

Why would people join a bloc party?

In the former Soviet Union satellite states in Central and Eastern Europe, apart from the ruling Communist Party, there were bloc parties, to give a façade of democracy. I can understand the interest ...
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What are the historical first steps to imposing autocracy? Is there a pattern?

I keep hearing people say that "throughout history" the first thing every despot/tyrant/dictator does is silence the voices that oppose them, including discrediting any form of free press. Then today ...
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How do totalitarian states/empires usually fall?

How do totalitarian states/empires usually fall? Are there cases or plausible where these states fall without it necessarily being invaded or face a rebellion? When i say fall, i mean the move from ...
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Correlation between capitalism/democracy and communism/dictatorship?

Some people often equate capitalism with democracy and communism with dictatorship, is this necessarily true? What are good examples and counter-examples of these associations? Should kingdoms etc. ...
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Did Karl Marx openly advocate violence? (or oppose it?)

Whether Marxism is inherently violent is often a point of contention. The supporters of Marxism often claim that the violence of the Communist regimes of the XX-th century was of their own making, and ...
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What was the first recorded non-violent toppling of a dictator?

There has been a lot of research on non-violent resistance, but looking at Wikipedia's page on the topic, I can't seem to answer this question: What was the first non-violent toppling of a dictator? ...
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How did Castro gain control over the Cuban military and police?

The Cuban revolution was won by only a few hundred revolutionaries. But to run a state, especially an undemocratic one, you need to have control over the monopoly on violence. But enforcing a ...
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Who wrote the "Mi General Augusto Pinochet" Song?

It is available here. According to Wikipedia, mi general was a nickname sometimes used by General Pinochet's supporters. Is it modern or contemporary? In the former case I would like to know who ...
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How did succession work in the modern Argentine military dictatorships?

For example, it says on the wikipedia page for Alfredo Oscar Saint Jean, an Argentine president and general: "Saint-Jean's brief period as President in June and July 1982 ended when he was succeeded ...
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Has a government ever been elected with the full 100% of the votes?

In recent history, many Dictatorships have been elected with unbelievable results. For example Al Sisi in Egypt with 96,6 % of the votes, or Abd al-Rab Mansur al-Hadi in Yemen with 99,8%. I would ...
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How is Gaddafi viewed outside the West? [closed]

It seems to me that Gaddafi is viewed in the West only as a lunatic dictator. However, after a naive investigation about his life I have realized how a complex figure he was. We know most of his ...
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What examples from history are there of a dictator successfully annexing countries by force over the long term? [closed]

This question is indirectly about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and attempting to predict the future by studying the past. This article claims: Wartime land grabs tend to end badly for tyrants, ...
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Did the USA government aided Spanish Dictator Franco? [closed]

Is it historically admitted that the USA aided Spanish dictator Franco in exchange for military bases and logistic support? I'm looking for historians and authors against or in favour of these thesis....
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Historically, what has happened to emergency services (other than the police) in corrupt/authoritarian states? [closed]

Everyone knows what happens to the police and the military in corrupt states: these are the kind of places where you carry extra cash for bribes. Everyone knows what happens to the police and the ...
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Key points of a strong dictatorship [closed]

I would like to know the key points to achieve a strong and durable dictatorship. From an internal but also (extremely important!) an external point of view where most of the advanced democratic ...
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