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Why was Hannah Ocuish believed to have been mentally disabled?

Hannah Ocuish was a 12 year old Native American girl who had the dubious honor in 1786 of being the youngest female to be legally executed in the United States, allegedly for murdering another girl ...
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When did the concept of compassion for the handicapped become commonly accepted in the USA?

From reading of 19th century literature and history -- for example, I read that it was believed by people in the time of the "Elephant Man" that deformities were caused by bad deeds of ...
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Were deaf or blind people ever denied voting rights in the United States?

I had never thought of this before. I know that some states do not allow people with intellectual disability to vote. Interestingly, it was not until 1964 that deaf women were allowed to vote it ...
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Were medieval and renaissance era jesters commonly disabled?

In Hilary Mantel's famous historical fiction Wolf Hall, she implies more than once that the court fools of figures in the era of Henry VIII often had some form of learning difficulty. Indeed in one ...
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Have there been ruthless rulers who held on to power despite being blinded?

Louis the Blind (c. 880 – 928) was blinded in 905, continued to rule Provence for over twenty years, but his cousin Hugh, Count of Arles, was the dominant figure in the territory. John the Blind (...
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Who first wrote about deafness?

Aristotle referred to the sense of hearing in his work "The Problems". He correlated hearing with the capacity of learning, he believed that the sense of hearing was the most important in order to ...
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