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Questions relating to both natural disasters as well as large-scale human catastrophies, such as shipwrecks and plane crashes.

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Which historical event had the highest number of reported non-fatal injuries without any known deaths?

It always surprised me that the Chelyabinsk meteor air burst event in Russia in 2013 had over a thousand non-fatal injuries (1491 according to Wikipedia), but not actually any deaths. I'm wondering if ...
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Why hasn't the Centralia fire been starved to death? [closed]

The infamous Centralia coal mine fire has been burning for approximately 60 years now. Googling "why hasn't the Centralia fire been put out" gives plenty of results for why it would be ...
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Where can I find rare video of 2004 tsunami?

I really am not sure if this is on topic but here goes I am looking for a rare angle of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. I say it is rare because firstly, it is probably one of the very few images showing ...
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What was the most expensive arson in history? -- Was it the burning of the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6)? [closed]

It was just reported that the USS Bonhomme Richard will be decommissioned; the repair costs would be $2.5 to 3.2 billion USD. The replacement cost, according to Wikipedia, would be $4 billion and ...
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How common were fires in pre-Edo Japan?

It is well known that Edo-era Japan had many fires, but I want to focus on something else. I cannot seem to find much information on fires in Japan before Edo. For example, when I google "feudal ...
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Which mountain collapsed in France in 1820/21?

In his commentary on Job 28:7, Rabbi Meir Leibush Malbim (1809-1879) writes (my translation): In 5581 (1820/21) a tall mountain in France collapsed, and left behind a deep chasm full of water. This ...
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Is there footage of Valery Legasov's report at the IAEA Conference in Vienna?

There is a pdf of the report, I could not find any video footage except for brief mentions. However there were lots of cameras there during the report. How to find the full video? Valery Legasov's ...
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Did the leaflets from the US to Hiroshima/Nagasaki civilians on bombing cities reduce the civilian casualties of the two nuclear bombs in August 1945?

I read on Wikipedia Various leaflets were dropped on Japan, three versions showing the names of 11 or 12 Japanese cities targeted for destruction by firebombing. The other side contained text stating ...
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Has the US National Guard ever been deployed nationwide before, as has been done with the Covid-19 pandemic?

I've tried looking in various places online and have been unable to find when in US history we have had nationwide deployments of the National Guards? Where can I find this out? Or do you know? Edit: ...
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Were there any natural disasters that decisively changed the result of a later election by killing the electorate of one side?

I'm thinking of something similar to this: Let's say instead of a general election, the UK had decided to hold a second referendum on Brexit. Among the two options Remain & Leave, it's unclear ...
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Where are (records of) historic wildfires?

Wikipedia's articles on wildfires cover geologic evidence of wildfires through the late Tertiary era, and a large number of articles on individual fires starting around 1900. Other than a half-dozen ...
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Wreck of the Juno

K.T. Khlebnikov wrote a biography of his boss, Baranov: Chief Manager of the Russian Colonies in America. In this book he described the wreck of the Juno as taking place November 3, 1811 (O.S.), "not ...
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Couldn't Japan have solved the problem of drifting at sea?

The Edo period shogunate received annual tributes from local clans, on the order of the rice to feed a thousand people. The sengokubune ships used on this route were suited for calm inland waters, ...
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Apart from the White Ship in 1120, have there been any other maritime disasters in which an heir to a throne and/or many notable people died?

In November 1120, a ship carrying three of King Henry I's children, including his only legitimate son and heir William the Atheling, struck a rock off the coast of northern France and sank. Also on ...
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Are there photos/footage of the Titanic sinking?

I know there are drawings and paintings from witnesses depicting the sinking of RMS Titanic, but are there any actual photographs or footage of the event happening? This video claims to be footage ...
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Was Crassus's fire brigade composed of slaves?

Crassus created the first Roman fire brigade, and many years later, Augustus took the idea and formed the Vigiles, a group of slaves serving as firefighters. However, I can't find any source ...
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Has a plague ever caused a civilization to collapse?

It is a fairly common trope in apocalyptic fiction to imagine a plague to cause modern civilization to completely collapse. (c.f. Stephen King's "The Stand" ). But has this ever actually happened in ...
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Could some of the Titanic passengers have climbed on the iceberg to survive? [closed]

If the iceberg was large enough and not far away so that after the disaster that is was photographed, maybe some passengers could have climbed onto it in an effort to survive?
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Why was the arrival of the Hindenburg considered newsworthy?

Obviously, no one expected that the Hindenburg would explode during the mooring process, so it the expectation would have been that a passenger aircraft was going to arrive, the passengers would ...
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Oh the humanity!

I notice that during the legendary on-the-spot broadcast (and resulting newsreel) of the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 features the exclamation from the broadcaster "Oh, the humanity!". Is this the ...
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Are there any historically significant volcanic eruptions that predate Akrotiri?

Specifically, any that occurred after the first civilizations developed, but before the Minoan eruption on Santorini (Thera/Akrotiri). (Approx. 3500 – 1600 B.C.)
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What relief efforts did the Japanese attempt after the atomic bombings?

Obviously, once the atomic bombs dropped in 1945, the war was almost over. There wasn't much time to rebuild, or even offer aid, to the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki before the Japanese ...
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How many people survived the Titanic?

How many people survived the Titanic? Was it 706, 706 or 705 or can we only say it was between 705 and 713 ? Where do these various number come from?
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What was the first emergency management agency in the world?

Given the impending landfall of Hurricane Sandy I wondered what was the first established emergency management agency akin to the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency?
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Was the Titanic tragedy at least partly avoidable?

Was there any way that Titanic's collision with the iceberg could have been avoided after the iceberg had been spotted? Could the ship have been saved from sinking by the pilot or captain after the ...
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