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The questions concerning modern-day Egypt and its history from 7th century AD to present. For questions about ancient Egypt, use the [ancient-egypt] tag instead.

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How did Egypt turn from "Breadbasket of the Mediterranean" to second-biggest importer of grain?

Egypt is currently undergoing a severe economic crisis. One key reason is that it is importing much of the grain needed to feed its population (and livestock), and this has become expensive/difficult ...
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How were Ceasar's troops supplied with food during the Siege of Alexandria?

During the Siege of Alexandria, Julius Ceasar and a few thousand troops were stuck in the royal quarter of Alexandria for several months, with a local army surrounding them. Did the royal quarter have ...
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Was Mansa Musa's gold as serious an inflationary problem in Mamluk Egypt as is portrayed, and, if so, how did the Mamluks recover from it?

There are numerous sources claiming that Mansa Musa, King of Mali, was one of the richest people alive (#1, #2). Essentially, these claim that Musa was one of the richest people in the history of the ...
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Was the inequality of wealth in 1950s in Egypt the result of the Ottoman Empire's former power in Egypt?

One of Nasser's more historic changes he enacted was land reform. This took the form of placing limits on land ownership in terms of feddans, nationalization of large amounts of land, and the issuance ...
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Are the Egyptians the only ones to have carved the dead's biography on the coffin?

I know that Egyptians did it. (See Hornedjitef's coffin) It is very interesting to me that they carved a biography on the coffin that was to be buried - not to mention that it was the inner coffin, ...
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How did the Ptolemaics inherit the tradition of royal incest?

Cleopatra (VII), the last queen of Egypt, was forced to marry her younger brother to keep the royal blood in the family. This, of course was a form of royal incest. From what I understand, the ...
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What do these Egyptian hieroglyphs mean?

I posted this before and it got closed because it's off topic. However, I looked and saw there were other questions on history asking about Hieroglyphs (for example "are there any Egyptian ...
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When was The Tale of Sinuhe first REdiscovered?

I have found a website that gives the details of all of the sources of The Tale of Sinuhe, but I can't figure out what the actual date of discovery was for each of those sources (in order to find the ...
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How were elders addressed in Ancient Egypt?

I’m writing a book and want to know how a child would respectfully address an older male and female person—like Sir or Lord or Madam—in Ancient Egypt?
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What authority did the US Army have in Egypt between 1945 and 1950?

I am trying to research a brief period of time in Egypt immediately after Britain's withdrawal in 1945, specifically the presence and authority of the US military there (if any) before 1950. Was ...
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