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Questions tagged [eisenhower]

Questions related to Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower (October 14, 1890 – March 28, 1969), Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force (SCAEF) from Dec 1943 - July 1945, and later the 34th President of the United States from 1952 - 1960.

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Is there a basis for this tale of Eisenhower blessing & Patton's curse? [closed]

After discussion: The "magical" part here is beside the point, I just quoted the legend. I'm insterested with the factual things, some of which might have happened. For example, it's very ...
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Did the Truman Doctrine contribute to the Cuban Missile Crisis?

I have heard that the brinkmanship foreign policy of Eisenhower and Kennedy lead, in part, to the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, I am curious: did the Truman Doctrine also contribute, in part, to the ...
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What was the purpose of Lt. Gen. Frank M. Andrews' flight when he was killed in the Iceland crash on May 3, 1943?

Lt. General Frank Maxwell Andrews. Source: Wikipedia Question What was the purpose of Lt. Gen. Andrews' flight in May, 1943 aboard the B-24 Liberator Hot Stuff? Was it a routine inspection tour of ...
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What happened first? The law that authorized the Cuban government to nationalize US firms or Eisenhower's Cuban sugar quota?

I'm asking these because both things happened the same day (6 July 1960) and the sources contradict each other about what happened first. Some Cuban sources says that Castro passed the law because of ...
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10 votes
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When did SHAEF / Eisenhower move HQ from London to France during WWII?

SHAEF meeting in London 1944 Two different reputable sources indicate two different time frames for SHAEF's move from London to Versailles: The Military Agency Records of the National Archives ...
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Why didn't Eisenhower personally sign Act of Military Surrender in Reims, 1945?

My question is about German Army Surrender in Reims. The unconditional surrender was signed by Colonel General Alfred Jodl, on behalf of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht and General Walter Bedell Smith ...
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Why was Eisenhower chosen to be Supreme Allied Commander in Europe?

Dwight D. Eisenhower "Ike", graduated from West Point in 1915 ranked 61st in a class of 164 better known for his abilities on the football field than in the classroom. Upon graduation from ...
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