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Did Nazi Germany conduct systematic experiments on prisoners on what it takes to kill/injure a human with electricity?

I live in Denmark and work within the electrical industry. Both at education, at work and on the Internet, I have heard people mention that Nazi Germany conducted all sorts of experiments on prisoners ...
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What percentage of US households had electricity and telephones in 1940?

I'm trying to find a published source giving the percent of U.S. households having electricity and percent having telephones in 1940 (+/- a year or two). Not interested in the rural vs city divide per ...
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2 votes
2 answers

When did households become electrified?

The first households were supplied with electricity in the 1880s (from wikipedia). I think by around 1950 most urban households in the US had electricity. Rural households got there a few years later? ...
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Is this "Westinghouse All Electric House" video, called a "promo from the mid 1950s", a hoax?

This video: It barely has any description, the comments are turned off, and the Wikipedia article on "Westinghouse Electric Company" does not help to clear ...
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Why does Japan use the same type of AC power outlet as the US?

Does it have something to do with the US taking part in aiding reconstruction of the country after WWII? I've tried googling around for an answer, but every site I find simply states the outlet style, ...
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