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How would emigrants travel the railway lines going from Grajewo to Bremerhaven in 1911 and from Grajewo to Rotterdam in 1917?

Grajewo was near the Prussian border. It also had a railway station but I don't know its route. As I understand it: There were several lines that can be used traveling from Bialystok to Bremerhaven ...
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What was the route for ships from England to South Africa in 1840?

I am writing a piece that requires me to understand the route that ships would have taken from Liverpool to Cape Town in the 1840s. What I have not been able to ascertain is whether the ships would ...
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22 votes
3 answers

Are there historical instances of settlers who were largely uncontacted and undisturbed after settling?

I am looking for historical instances of a rather specific and strange scenario: Settlers who settled a wild/unclaimed territory (ideally 100-300 in number) who after settling in the new place, were ...
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When the outbreak of World War II was foreseeable, were any European commoners able to pre-emptively emigrate?

When the outbreak of World War II was foreseeable, or at least a conflict of some proportions was, were any common Europeans able to preemptively emigrate? From reading some other questions and ...
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Emigration restrictions in history

In the 20th century many states restricted the capacity of their populations to emigrate. Most famously, Churchill described the variety of emigration, financial and political restrictions in Central ...
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Is the "Katyusha" scene from Deer Hunter historically accurate?

In the movie Deer Hunter we can see Russian-Americans sing the song "Katyusha" during a wedding. One can clearly see that this song fits well into the movie's themes (the groom on this wedding is ...
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What was the natural population growth of Scotland between 1600 and 1900?

By natural, I mean as a result of births and deaths, rather than emmigration and immigration. I can find data for the total population size (e.g. here) but not for natural population moves and I ...
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