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What was the price of a theatre ticket in London during WW2?

I would like to know the price of a theatre ticket in the city of London during the second world war. I can't find this information anywhere.
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What were paper airplanes called before there were real airplanes? (i.e. untethered winged flyers, not kites or balloons)

According to the Google Ngram Viewer ( the English word "airplane" was practically unused before the year 1900. Given that paper is ...
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What is the meaning behind this Panama joke published in a 1914 newspaper?

The following was published in a column of jokes in The Washington Herald on May 10, 1914: But as a matter of fact the real Panama hats are not nearly as pretty as the imitation ones. I assume the ...
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When did commercial entertainment begin? [closed]

Courty (2003): Historians typically argue that commercial entertainment started in sixteenth-century England with the introduction of for-profit theatres. Is the above claim correct? If not, when ...
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Were medieval and renaissance era jesters commonly disabled?

In Hilary Mantel's famous historical fiction Wolf Hall, she implies more than once that the court fools of figures in the era of Henry VIII often had some form of learning difficulty. Indeed in one ...
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What would a 9th-century German count do if he wanted to spend some time with his wife?

Are there any records of leisure activities by married noble couples in approximately 821? What sort of things can they both do? Did women go on hunts with men? Could there have been a theater, or a ...
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Besides the USO, were there other organizations in New York City during WWll that provided entertainment for the troops?

I know the USO had the Stage Door canteen in NYC during the war, but were there other organizations that hosted dances/concerts at less permanent venues like at armories or community centers around ...
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Does Bob Hope hold the record for headlining the most USO tours?

Bob Hope entertaining the troops in 1944. Source: Wikipedia Question Multiple sources indicate that Bob Hope headlined 57 USO tours, including Wikipedia and Legacy's article on Bob Hope's USO, ...
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Who coined the term "Golden Age" in reference to musical theatre?

Typically, the Golden Age of Broadway/Musical Theatre is considered to have taken place from the 1940s to the 1960s (some definitions are more specific, citing something like 1943 to 1959). It was ...
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