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Do any sources besides Livy record the first incident of serial murder by prominent Roman women in 331 B.C.?

Titus Livy lived during the turn of the first century A.D. and in Book 8, Chapter 8 of The History of Rome, he relays the story of some sort of plague that was ravaging Rome in 331 B.C., afflicting ...
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Does Taleb's claim of epidemics with a death count of >1,000 being in the lower hundreds (in the last 2,500 years) seem accurate?

Cirillo and Taleb [1] used 72 epidemics in the last 2,500 years with more than 1,000 fatalities to show that the distribution of fatalities is fat-tailed. When confronted that their study, being based ...
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Are there any sources supporting the claim that Jews were less affected by epidemics?

There is a common thread that Jews historically suffered less from epidemics because of Jewish ritual requirements of cleanliness. E.g., Wikipedia - Perceived Jewish immunity has 3 weakly supporting ...
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What did a 19th century New Orleans Yellow Fever immunity passport look like?

In response to proposals for a so-called "immunity passport" system to be developed so that people who have recovered from COVID-19 can return to life as usual (without being subject to ...
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Were cities that enacted lockdowns during the 1918 flu pandemic successful in preventing any infections? [closed]

Many parallels are currently being drawn between the flu pandemic of 1918 and the modern spread of the coronavirus, including how a lockdown was imposed in many cities: It happened a century ago, ...
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Were heroin addicts used to help Spanish flu patients? [closed]

In Burroughs' Junky, he mentions that addicts appeared to be immune and so were safe around infected patients. Can't find anything about this outside of Burroughs and if it is indeed true can only ...
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