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Why would a 17th century vinegar merchant have two cups as part of the standard supplies?

Vinegar merchants in 17th and 18th northwestern Europe sold door-to-door and to people on the street. In these two images (from the Rijksmuseum) it shows the wheelbarrow they used to transport the ...
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2 answers

How was Rome able to conscript and equip 400k soldiers during 2nd Punic War in a pre-industrial society?

I have counted legions and allied legions Rome conscripted during 16 years of Punic War. It's roughly 400k and could be even more. Battle Year Result Battle of Ticinus 218 BC 2,000 Roman casualties, ...
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How well were the African-American soldiers equipped in the civil war?

I know that African-Americans( former slaves) were used on both sides during the civil war (later in the north than in the south I think) now my question is this: how were the African soldiers ...
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