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Estonia as an independent country has existed from 1918 onwards. In the Medieval period, modern Estonia was split into several principalities, which, in conjunction with the princes who ruled modern Latvian territories formed the Livonian Confederacy. Between the 16th and 20th centuries, Denmark, Sweden, Poland-Lithuania, and Russia claimed or owned the territory.

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How did residents of Estonia and Latvia prove that their family settled in the country prior to 1940, in order to become citizens in 1989?

In a related question, @defaultlocale posted this excerpt: Article 2. Possession of Latvia citizenship Citizens of Latvia are: persons who were citizens of Latvia on June 17, 1940 and their ...
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Who is this person depicted on a wall in Estonia?

Took this photo in Estonia... anybody know who the person pictured is?
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Were the lands of the Teutonic Knights part of the Holy Roman Empire? [closed]

This is a pretty simple question. The lands owned and ruled by the Teutonic Knights within Germany were certainly part of the Holy Roman Empire. Were the lands of the Teutonic Knights in the Baltic ...
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