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What are these historic tools?

I ask this question under to on topic heading of 'cultures and historical practices.' Can anyone identify these two objects? I thought the silver rod was either some kind of sewing or medical ...
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Do we have primary sources for what ordinary people used before mirrors became widely affordable?

Mirrors are an everyday item with a very long history. However, until 200 or so years ago mirrors, at least large ones, were too expensive for ordinary people (ordinary in the sense of e.g. being not ...
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Identify an early-mid 20th century cast soft metal decorative trinket

I'm trying to identify this tiny trinket/bauble. It was found in a crevice inside of a 130-year old dresser. It was very likely dropped there prior to 1960. It measures 17mm tall by 8mm wide, and is ...
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How do ancient Chinese "mirrors" such as these in the National Museum function?

In the National Museum of China we find "mirrors" from various Chinese dynasties: A photo I took of "mirrors" at the National Museum of China in Beijing Notably, these mirrors ...
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