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What is the significance of three-side gallows in 17th Century Netherlands?

In the Netherlands the three-sided gallows/gibbet with a circular base was often elaborately decorated and seems more important than a gallows with just one cross piece. I understand that both the ...
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If he was garroted, why do depictions show Atahualpa being burned at stake?

I'm reading the Wikipedia page about the execution of Atahualpa. It says he was garroted: In accordance with his request, he was executed by strangling with a garrote on July 26, 1533 But the ...
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Why was Hannah Ocuish believed to have been mentally disabled?

Hannah Ocuish was a 12 year old Native American girl who had the dubious honor in 1786 of being the youngest female to be legally executed in the United States, allegedly for murdering another girl ...
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What was the point of hanging in “hanging, drawing, and quartering”?

As I understand it, “hanging, drawing, and quartering” was specifically designed in order to be torturous and frightening. Certainly drawing (whether referring to dragging by a horse, or ...
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Why did the German army execute so few soldiers in World War I compared to most other armies?

According to Alexander Watson's Ring of Steel and other sources during the whole of the First World War the German army only executed 48 of its soldiers, compared to over 300 in the British and 600-...
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What were the last words of Charles the First, and Oliver Cromwell's response after his execution?

I need to know what Charles the First's last words were and preferably what Oliver Cromwell said afterwards.
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Why didn't Wehrmacht soldiers refuse to kill civilians?

Why didn't Wehrmacht Soldiers refuse to execute civilians (and Kids) when it was clear that they did nothing wrong? I know that they were probably told they're partisans or Jews or something along ...
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Was the king of England able to execute a high rank noble and his family between 1216 and 1688?

After signing the Magna Carta, was the king of England able to execute a noble and his family and escheat their property to the crown by his own will up to 1688? For example in the cases such as Lèse-...
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Did any prominent Romans openly question the crucifixion of 6,000 slaves along the Appian Way following the defeat of Spartacus?

While the Wikipedia article on the Third Servile War has a few details on the effects of the slave revolt (e.g. less harsh treatment, reduction of the number of slaves on the latifundia), it says ...
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Did the Germans invent "Unexpected Pot-Shots"?

I recently watched the TV-show "The Americans" where an execution scene was shown in a way that I have never seen before. The show is about spies during the cold war. In the scene the Russians deliver ...
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