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Questions tagged [fashion]

For questions related to fashion, style and their changes in different historic times and territories.

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43 votes
5 answers

When and why did having long hair become associated with women, and short hair with men?

It's obvious that having short or long hair is an identity sign for men and women respectively, more or less worldwide. I wonder why something like this happened, though. Maybe it was a way to ...
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3 answers

Why are military uniforms often flared or poofy above the knee?

I've often wondered why do various uniforms have those "poofs" on the outsides of the legs just above the knee? Was there a particular purpose to this, or a practical reason, or was it just the result ...
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Did the syphilis epidemic start the 16th and 17th century wig craze?

I've read that one reason that the nobility attending royal court in the 17th century had a passion for wigs, powdered faces, and gloves was the then prevalence of syphilis. By this reasoning those ...
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Did unmarried Spartan women have longer hair than men?

I understand that in ancient Sparta, men wore their hair long whereas married women cut theirs short. However, in the brief mentions I've read about this (such as in one answer to "When and why did ...
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2 answers

What is the significance of "Flappers" in American history?

The Flapper image of the 1920's American history of cosmetics seems to transform the cultural image of the feminine. However, I cannot piece together exactly how this change came about. I read about ...
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What is the earliest history of Middle Eastern women wearing veils for modesty while in public?

The Hebrew Bible (Tanakh, Christian Old Testament) recorded women wearing veils as early as Rebekah in Genesis (Breshith). See Judaism stack exchange However, there is debate over whether women wore ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Has there been any culture where men typically have longer hair than women?

Most discussions of gender differences in hair length seem to argue that men have had "long" hair in many cultures (such as the answers to "When and why did having long hair become associated with ...
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1 answer

Have fashionable hair lengths ever been reversed from their current styles?

Has there ever been a time or a culture in which fashion/tradition strongly favored men with long hair AND women with short hair during the same period? There are plenty of instances of both having ...
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Did the Sturmabteilung uniform look ridiculous in terms of German fashion in the 1920s?

Ridicule is a common method of social dismissal. The Sturmabteilung (SA) were a German fascist militia in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Their most basic uniform was described as a yellow brown ...
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