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Questions tagged [fashion]

For questions related to fashion, style and their changes in different historic times and territories.

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How did Europeans dye their garments black around 1800?

It is said budgetary restrictions made for example Lützower and Brunswickers chose black as their uniform colour. Since no state would provide funds for the equipment they brought old uniforms or ...
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When did the British gentry stop wearing wigs?

I'm researching dress in 18th century Britain. This article claims the following: "Brits stopped wearing wigs after William Pitt levied a tax on hair powder in 1795." The date seems odd to me, ...
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Were short stem coupe glasses common in the 1920's?

Please advise, if I am mixing something up horribly. I remember images I've occasionally seen several times over past 30 years -- either historical posters or illustrations, maybe even American/...
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What historic documents do we have supporting women wearing veils as historically continuous since Assyrian law?

The documentation of Assyrian law is given in the answer to this question. What is the earliest history of Middle Eastern women wearing veils for modesty while in public? What historic documents do we ...
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Is this a Qing costume and did it have a purpose?

According to this article, clothing during was very codified during the Qing dynasty. Is it reasonable to think this suit may be of Qing dynasty, and if so, what would have been its wearer status and ...
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What type of ancient Chinese headgear is this and what more do we know about it?

This is Zhao Bing, Emperor Bing of Song, the 18th and last emperor of the Song Dynasty. Is this headgear a Tongtianguan? And whatever type of headgear it is, what more do we know about it? What does ...
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Can anyone provide any details on the model, history and value of my grandfather's watch?

After my grandfather passed away in 2010, a lot of his belongings were split between his daughters. My mother recently gave me a watch that belonged to my grandfather, but I cannot find any details ...
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