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Where can I find video of FDR's speech, similar to fireside chat #5?

I am trying to find a speech given by FDR that is almost identical, in parts, to his June 28, 1934 fireside chat. Transcript: I feel timid people, who fair progress will try to give you new and ...
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Why was FDR so determined for the US to join WWII? [duplicate]

I have read an FDR biography and it goes into great details about FDR's difficulties in convincing a largely isolationist population, a reluctant military and an almost hostile Dept of State to ...
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What two direct orders did FDR issue to his commanders in all of WWII?

Operation Torch Anglo-American invasion of north-western Africa President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a direct order that Torch was to have precedence over other operations and was to take place at ...
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Who advised FDR on foreign policy before and during WWII?

My Question: Did President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) have any primary adviser/advisors (established foreign policy wonks), whom he listened too? Was it all just him? A President's chief ...
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Did FDR support Hoover for the presidency of the US in 1920?

Franklin Foer writes in a new Guardian article: Americans of all persuasions began yearning for the salvific ascendance of the most famous engineer of his time: Herbert Hoover. In 1920, ...
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Is this anecdote about Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill true?

The first time I heard the story about the plans for German officers once the surrender happened was that Stalin wanted to summarily execute 50 thousand of them, Churchill was very angry about this ...
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