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For questions about the history of Finland, a Scandinavian country in the northeast of Europe.

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Did the Finns have aluminum screw caps in 1939?

I was looking at images from the 1939 Winter War and found this interesting one. source The Molotov cocktail has an ...
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What was the constitutional status of Finland within Russian Empire?

I am currently reading and translating a book into my own language. There are several sentences that must be interpreted historically for me to be possible to translate. All of these sentences have to ...
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What was the Western involvement in Finland's deal with the Soviets to be neutral?

There was being some comment about this from Yanis Varoufakis (see below). But some people are challenging if Varoufakis is making any I don't know the facts. How much was the West involved ...
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Why Finland received so little foreign support during the winter war?

Considering the following four facts: Many western countries helped the anti-communist government during the Russian civil war, League of Nation supports Finland, The war lasts really long comparing ...
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Why was the Red Army successful against the Japanese in 1939 but perform poorly against Finland 1939-40 and early part of WW2?

The Soviet Union's Red Army had great difficulty overcoming the vastly outnumbered Finns in the 1939-40 Winter War, and suffered disastrous defeats in the early stages of the German invasion in World ...
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What was the first overland road from Sweden to Finland?

The Swedish post road from Norway, through Sweden, used the Åland archipelago to pass into Sweden, and this is easily found (evidence of) in the south of Finland to the present day. When (and where) ...
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Did Helsinki have higher standards of living than Saint Petersburg when it was a part of the Russian Empire?

For over a century Finland was a part of the Russian Empire. It seems that overall Finland was significantly richer than Russia proper in the early XX century (look at these estimates). Was Helsinki ...
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Why was Poland subject to much harsher Russification than Finland was?

A Wikipedia page describes Russification of Poland: Russification in Congress Poland intensified after the November Uprising of 1831, and in particular after the January Uprising of 1863. In 1864 the ...
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Would Lauri Törni have recieved the Waffen-SS blood type tattoo?

Lauri Allen Törni served with Finland during the Winter war, and due to being an officer, visited Vienna to obtain Waffen-SS training. Does this mean he would have had the SS blood type tattoo applied?...
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Did Stalin kill all Soviet officers involved in the Winter War?

Did Stalin kill all of the Soviet officers involved in the Winter War, when it ended? A documentary called "Warlords: Hitler vs Stalin" made this claim, but Wikipedia doesn't seem to mention this. ...
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Why did the USSR stop in the Winter War against Finland in 1940?

To me, this is one of the biggest history mysteries. By the end of February 1940, the USSR breached the Mannerheim line, and the Finnish troops were exhausted and short of ammunition. I have little ...
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Where to get historical Finland railways map for 1939 year?

Where to get Finland railways map for 1939 year ? Just want to compare logistics possibilities during Winter War. It is map of USSR:
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WWII - documents on turn around point in German Foreign strategy - "stop we are not going to pass Finland to USSR"

I want to find the turn around point in German Foreign strategy: ok we leave Finland to USSR - stop we would not do it. In documents. Some of them are there:
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Why is former Portuguese flag similar to Finnish one?

What is the reason/story behind the look of one of the former Portuguese flags, which is extremely similar to Finnish current one? Wikipedia dates the flag within 1095–1143 AD. Nowadays, we can find ...
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After WW2, why did Stalin let Finland off with some loss of territory rather than occupation and crushing reparations? [closed]

Finland did lose 10% of its territory and 20% of its industry according to Wikipedia, but given Stalin's paranoia, why was it not occupied by Soviet troops?
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Age of Finnish soldiers in Winter War and Continuation War

During World War 2, A. By what ages where men/women allowed to voluntarily join the Finnish army (upper and lower bounds if there was any, differences between men and women)? B. By what ages was ...
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When became turks finns? [closed]

As you know turkish language is similar to turkish language, because finnish language derived from turkish, but changed a little so turks can nowadays only understand about 20 percent of finnish. What ...
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How did the Soviets decide what to annex in WW2?

During and after World War II Soviet Union annexed some countries while others eventually became member states of the Warsaw Pact. What is known about how the Soviets made the decisions about which ...
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What happened to Soviet citizens on Finnish territory before and during winter war?

How many Soviet citizens were on Finnish territory immediately before the Winter War? Other than diplomats. I suppose there would have been trading officials, some engineering personnel etc. What ...
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Why is Finland represented as a Soviet satellite in this 1947 cartoon?

The cartoon is a British one. I found it at but without any specific attribution.
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Did the poor performance of the Red Army in the Winter War significantly contribute to German underestimation of the USSR's military capacity?

Wikipedia says in the article on the Winter War: Perhaps more importantly, the very poor performance of the Red Army encouraged Hitler to think that an attack on the Soviet Union would be ...
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What was Finland's position in World War Two? [closed]

What was Finland's position in World War Two? Apparently, they were fighting against the Soviet Union, but not as Nazi Germany's ally. Are there reasons for this, and were they actually on Germany's ...
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