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Is there any evidence that the black community was anticipating election-related violence in the lead up to the Ocoee Race Massacre?

PART I: THE OCOEE MASSACRE The "Ocoee Massacre", was an incident of race-related violence directed at the black community in Ocoee, Florida on 2 November 1920. I'll briefly summarize the ...
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Where in America did James Macpherson travel?

I'm looking into James Macpherson, the 18th century Scottish writer, and I can't find much. I know that in 1764 he took a job as secretary to the colonial governor, George Johnstone, also a Scott, in ...
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What's the story behind the original Florida flag emblem?

I'm doing some research for school and a part of this is learning about the seal of the flag, my question is as following: What's the story behind the original Florida flag emblem and the story behind ...
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Who was Jack Hagler? As amended by chapter 87-24, Laws of Florida, this section shall be known and may be cited as the “Jack Hagler Self Defense Act.”

Who is Jack Hagler? Why is he mentioned in this law, the Jack Hagler Self Defense Act? I tried to find out information but nothing relevant came up.
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Why did Spain trade Florida to the British in exchange for Havana?

In 1763, Spain traded Florida to Great Britain in exchange for control of Havana, Cuba, which had been captured by the British during the Seven Years' War. wikipedia Why did Spain trade Florida to ...
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