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Help me understand a sentence about one particular episode of History quoted from a Conan Doyle Essay

In the present crowded state of the world a policy of Thibet may be carried out in some obscure corner. This is from Arthur Conan Doyle's book "the Great Boer War". I'm French and I don't ...
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Why was 'France' excluded from Henry Lane Wilson's clique during the Mexican Revolution?

The book by Friedrich Katz, The secret war in Mexico, mentions that the USA minister Henry Lane Wilson organized in part the overthrow of president Madero during the first phase of the Mexican ...
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What country has had territorial disputes with the largest number of neighbors/other countries at the same time? [closed]

Question: What country has had territorial disputes with the largest number of neighbors/other countries at the same time? To What result. Many countries have undeclared borders one of the longest ...
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Why did Lovett, McCloy and Bundy want to resign from their US cabinet positions in September 1945?

Why did Robert Lovett (Assistant Secretary of War for Air) John J. McCloy (of the War Department) Harvey Hollister Bundy (liaison to the Office of Scientific Research and Development) want to ...
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Did any Western consulates remain open or re-open after WWII in the same buildings in which they had resided in Wuhan, Hebei, China?

The recent CNN article From one-time Chinese capital to coronavirus epicenter, Wuhan has a long history that the West had forgotten Two generations ago, this city of 11 million people, on the ...
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Why did Kennedy refuse any military action in Laos at first and then decide otherwise by sending combat troops?

I was lately reading a lot about the civil war in Laos and the American involvement in there and now I am quite confused about the following: What is the special thing about the administration of ...
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When has the U.S. refused to pay its debts?

In the late 1700s the U.S. refused to pay a large debt to France for money loaned during the American Revolution. (In this instance Congress decided. I do not know if the President had the ability ...
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Who advised FDR on foreign policy before and during WWII?

My Question: Did President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) have any primary adviser/advisors (established foreign policy wonks), whom he listened too? Was it all just him? A President's chief ...
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