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What would military spies in 17th century Europe be looking for inside a city, before a siege?

In the article Een officier en een gentleman: Willem Norwood en het beleg van Maastricht, (An Officer and a Gentleman: William Norwood and the siege of Maastricht), on page 7 it mentions concern about ...
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What determined which defensive structures were built and where they were located for 17th European century cities?

Using this 1675 map of Maaseik, Belgium, for example, there are hornworks, bastions, and ravelins at specific locations around the outer wall of the city. What determines why certain structures are ...
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Does it make sense to point cannons at a city (Marseille Fort St Jean)?

According to Wikipedia, Fort St Jean at the entrance to the Vieux Port in Marseille was built with cannons facing the city (instead of out towards the sea as would be typical) on the orders of Louis ...
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Why did armies meet on the battlefield, and how often did they? (medieval times) [closed]

A common criticism I hear of fiction set in medieval-esque worlds is that it makes no sense for the defending army to leave the fortifications in order to meet the attacking army on the battlefield. ...
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How, just how you can burn down a stone structure? [closed]

I often encounter claims that this or that stone temple or fortress was "burned down" sometime in the past. How this could happen? One example (of many) is the claim that Church of St. Mary ...
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