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Questions tagged [freemasonry]

Use this tag for questions about the fraternity of Freemasonry, including questions about a historical person's involvement in Freemasonry and how Freemasonry has influenced or been influenced by historical developments.

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3 votes
1 answer

Did John Quincy Adams purge Freemasons from roles in government?

Bell 2024 ch. 7 claims that: The Skull and Bones Society also known as The Order of Death was founded at Yale University in 1832. The founding of this elite secret society came as a result of ...
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Does a year 1900 meeting in a Masonic Hall imply that it was a meeting of Freemasons?

I am researching an individual who lived in the north of England in 1900. He is reported in a local newspaper as having attended “a large an influential meeting” in the local Masonic Hall. The meeting ...
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Should the aluminados be considered to be the roots of the illuminati mythos?

It was always my understanding that the illuminati mythos had its roots in Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati of 1 May 1776, and this is what I have always argued with conspiracy theorists on ...
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How did this Order of the Odd Fellows health insurance plan work in this 1845 newspaper article?

The newspaper in question comes from the Library of Congress's Chronicling America collection, an incredible resource if you are unaware of it. It is a massive online collection of old newspapers. ...
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3 votes
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What influence did Benjamin Franklin's association with Freemasonry have on his success in France?

Ben Franklin was sent to France (as were two others) to seek aide and personnel from France during the American Revolution. During his time there he attended the Lodge of Nine Muses where he was ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Did Freemasons motivate Spain's expulsion of Jesuits?

Carlos III of Spain was a Catholic, but an anticlerical one. After riots in Madrid, he expelled the Society of Jesus (and was followed in this by Pope Clement XIV). The same year, 1767, the first ...
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5 votes
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Did Freemasons hold Enlightenment ideals?

I was doing research on early US presidents and read that men like George Washington probably were attracted to the Masonic Lodge due to the Lodge aligning well with popular Enlightenment ideas around ...
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