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2 answers

Does any library hold the archives of the Russian-American Company?

I am researching Russian visits to Alta California during the Mexican War of Independence, which were mostly or all projects of the Russian-American Company. There is a collection of Company documents ...
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6 votes
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Which native groups were hostile to the fur trade in North America?

From c. 1600-1830, there was a major fur trade going on in North America. Which native groups were hostile to the fur trade? I've read that the Iroquois were seen as dangerous by the fur traders, ...
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Did the Assiniboine live around Fort Assiniboine (Canada)?

There's a place in Alberta called Fort Assiniboine. Today it's a small village, but in the days of the fur trade, it was a fort and trading post for the Hudson's Bay Company. The Assiniboine people ...
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