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Help identifying furniture maker by initials

This chair was purchased used in the 1970s in NH (US). It appears to be oak and bears the manufacturer's initials H.U. Where can I look for more information about who made the chair?
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What is the chair depicted in Cesare Maccari's 1889 painting "Cicerone denuncia Catilina"?

There are a number of inaccuracies in Cesare Maccari's painting. Wikipedia notes that the arrangement of the chairs was of parallel rather than radial as depicted. Did Maccari accurately depict the ...
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When did office chairs get their fifth wheel?

Modern swiveling office chairs almost universally have five wheels on five legs, while vintage chairs often have only four. The fifth wheel adds a lot of stability against tipping over; the physics ...
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Could equestrian prefects sit on sella curulis?

Were prefects of less than important provinces of the early principatus (like Pilate) allowed to sit on the ivory curule seat, or sella curulis, that curule magistrates and promagistrates used while ...
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When did furniture become common in the homes of most people in the British Isles?

When did they (regular people, rich people, etc.) start using stools and benches in the British Isles? My question is about daily life, not just the earliest archaeological finds. Specifically, I'm ...
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chests for transporting bedding furnishings (and mattresses)

In Medieval Portugal (13th-14th centuries) chests specific for transporting mattresses and bedding furnishings were called 'almafreixe' (term of Arabic origin). In English I have found references to: ...
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Did the Romans have writing desks?

I am just rekindling my interest in Ancient Rome, and reading Rome:Its people, life and customs by Ugo Enrico Paoli. He goes into considerable detail about tables, but only dining tables. There is a ...
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When did chairs with arms and backs develop in Europe? [closed]

There are numerous depictions of early / high medieval Popes, Kings and Bishops sat on thrones, with arms and a back, and the saddles of the high medieval period had a padded back, but every depiction ...
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