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Questions related to the history of structured forms of play or entertainment, whether of a group or individual activity or mental exercise.

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What went into an Edo-era Hyakkumonogatari Kaidankai?

I was looking for information on the Edo-era parlour game hyakkumonogatari kaidankai. I found a lot of academic sources about kaidan themselves (the history, spread, adaption, influence, etc.) But at ...
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How would American foreigners have been treated by Mexico shortly after the beginning of WWII?

I am curious to know what everyday life might have been like for a trio of American foreigners in the northern, near-border regions of Mexico during the early days of World War Two. Specifically, I am ...
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What is the oldest known reference to "The Circle Game"?

The Circle Game] is certainly much older than the Baby Boomers, being already a boys' standard in Middle School when I arrived in the 1960's. But what is the oldest known reference to it (or a ...
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What is this military march sampled in "Hell March"?

The video game Command & Conquer: Red Alert features a song titled Hell March by Frank Klepacki, which includes a voice sample of an unidentified military officer. The sample appears to originate ...
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Meaning of 19th-century American parlour games

I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me the meaning of three American parlour games of the 19th century. I am now translating a novel where these games are mentioned and would like ...
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When and where were British pub games first played?

I've been searching for the answer of the origin/ history of pub games in British pubs. However, this is what I've encountered in some different sources ( including Wikipedia): In his book, Beer and ...
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Did Marco Polo really play Weiqi (Go)?

Somebody told me that until the twentieth century Marco Polo was the strongest westerner ever to play go (weiqi). Is this true? I can't find any reference to it. Googling Marco Polo and go doesn't ...
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