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Why did NSDAP hate communism (socialism), despite having socialism within the party? [closed]

Why did Germany during the era of NSDAP have a different point of view on socialism? It was not like the socialism that formed communism in the Soviet Union. I believe that Germany's fight against the ...
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Was an uppercase j used to replace an uppercase i letter on German monument inscriptions?

I have seen it on two grave inscriptions (photo). Both were of on a grave of a person called Ida but there was Jda on the grave inscription. They lived in the 19th and 20th centuries in Central Europe,...
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What was the nature of conflict between Helvetii and German in prelude to Gallic Wars?

In Caesar's diaries from Gallic Wars, he states that Helvetii battled Germans "almost daily, repelling them from their own territories or waging wars on German frontiers". What were German ...
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Is a WW2 German bank note with a LITZMANNSTAND symbol possibly fake?

Was German currency used in the Lodz ghetto? I recently bought a 50 reichsmark bank note which has got a LITZMANNSTAND symbol stamped on it in red ink, are these fake? Here's what the seller replied ...
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Where can I find all Hitler speeches in original German?

I would like to find all Hitler speeches in original German, but the more I look, the less I find. Sure there are a few here and there, but his complete speeches in German are nowhere to find. I did ...
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How can I identify the uniform and other details in this picture of my great grandfather circa 1913?

This is a picture of my great grandfather circa 1913. How can I identify the uniform and any other details from it? He came to the US in 1913. Was married approximately 1909 in Pirmasens. His port of ...
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Can anyone identify the military branch and rank of the man in the front row? This is from Germany @1932

I assume the boy on the right is in a Hitler youth uniform but I don't know the uniform of the man in front, maybe a Prussian uniform? They were from the eastern part of Germany (now Poland) - Silesia....
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What WW2 German badge is this?

My uncle fought in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. After he past I found this badge, but don’t know what its for or where it’s from. Can anyone help me figure it out?
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Why were Union troops referred to as "lop-eared Dutch"?

I am reading "A History of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas by William Monks" (published 1907). I am also recording it and posting my recordings to YouTube. In it, the Confederates ...
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Why didn't the German population leave Dar es Salaam before the outbreak of WWII?

In the chapter 'The Beginning of the War' of his autobiography Going Solo, Roald Dahl recounts his role in stopping the German population of Dar es Salaam from fleeing to Portuguese East Africa (the ...
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Identification of harbor and ships

Identification of port and country. Identification of ships. WWII era, from a German Kriegsmarine album
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Please help identify this medal... German military?

Found this in my late father's possessions. Probably belonged to his father or grandfather. Prussian? German? war related? I have no idea...
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Has Matéo Maximoff's book Die Ursitory been translated to English?

I've been unsuccessfully searching for a book called Ursitory by Matéo Maximoff. From what I have gathered so far, it seems to only be available in German (Die Ursitory) and in French (Les Ursitory). ...
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What is this German/Italian badge?

I’ve come across some German badges, medals & awards etc but I’m struggling to identify this one.
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Why was the first production PzKpfw V (Panther) called the Ausf.D, and the second production version called the Ausf.A?

Background The first Panther (PzKpfw V) production variant, produced from January 1943 through September 1943 was called the Ausf.D. (see below) The second Panther production variant, produced ...
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How many languages did Leibniz speak?

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was a German polymath. I've found information that say he was a polyglot who wrote primarily in Latin, French and German, but I cannot find any specific info about the other ...
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Leather 1.50 German gold mark

I have a German 1.50 gold mark that looks to be made of leather. It is about 3/16 of an inch thick. and dyed black. It has many symbols. Please if anyone can tell me about this. It looks to be dated ...
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Surrender Ceremonies at the End of WW2: What happened after documents signed?

I understand that the Germans, before the Allies (the Americans, Russians, English and possibly the French) signed the documents and then were very curtly instructed to leave the room after which the ...
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Did the Germans use the V1 and V2 missile system on the Eastern Front in World War 2?

Did the Germans use the V1 and V2 missile system on the Eastern Front in World War 2? We have heard the legendary use of these missile systems on the Western Front, which in my opinion were counter-...
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