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Could an amphibious attack have succeeded during the Gulf War? [closed]

During the Gulf War (1991), the US Navy and the US Marine Corps had assembled consequent naval and amphibious forces. Some of them (including the battleship Iowa) were attacked by Iraqi antiship ...
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What restrictions were placed on embedded journalists during the Persian Gulf War?

I am currently researching the effect of the 24-hour news cycle on U.S. Foreign policy during the Gulf War and am looking for primary sources from the U.S. and/or British military pertaining to ...
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Does Bob Hope hold the record for headlining the most USO tours?

Bob Hope entertaining the troops in 1944. Source: Wikipedia Question Multiple sources indicate that Bob Hope headlined 57 USO tours, including Wikipedia and Legacy's article on Bob Hope's USO, ...
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Did the Iraqis really only use landlines during Desert Storm?

I remember reading somewhere -- I think it was in a CIA or NSA briefing paper -- that during Desert Storm, the Iraqis refused to communicate by radio because they were too scared of the U.S. ...
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Why were the losses in the Battle of Norfolk so lopsided?

During the 1991 Gulf War there were a lot of lopsided tank battles where such a large number of Iraqi vehicles got destroyed for very little Coalition losses. For example in the Battle of Norfolk ...
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