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Were firearms used by the farmers for intimidation in the penny auctions during the Great Depression?

I think firearm usage for such type of intimidation is in inevitable, at least in the US if not elsewhere. I just wanted to know if there are any historical accounts of their usage. (By usage, I don't ...
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Did any army try speed volley fire by passing pre-loaded muskets to the front line? [duplicate]

Early 16th to 18th century muskets had 2 big disadvantages. Musketeers needed minimum 20-30 seconds to reload them and they were very inaccurate, because projectile (usually small lead ball) was much ...
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Have gun rights ever increased without a revolution?

I've been debating with some friends on gun rights in the US. One standard argument therein is the slippery slope argument that once we start taking away gun rights, it will never stop until they are ...
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Has there ever been any assassination so that another assassination could happen during the first one's funeral?

I was reading a review of a book in the article Fascistas catalanes: pocos, pero al abrigo de los poderes (Catalan fascists: few, but with a shelter of the powers) and I found an interesting reference:...
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How unusual was an unanswered naval salute of 150 guns?

In naval tradition, ships and ports may expend gunpowder saluting each other, thus proving their respect and nonaggression. The respect so shown appears greater when more guns are shot off. A common ...
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Did gun control in Turkey in 1911 lead to the Armenian Genocide? [closed]

A photo making the rounds on Facebook posits that Turkey established gun control in 1911 and from 1915 to 1917 millions of Armenians were killed because they were unable to defend themselves. The ...
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What was the historical context of the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution?

The 2nd amendment states: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. There is a lot of ...
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Is there any evidence Chairman Mao restricted or confiscated guns?

It's often said that Chairman Mao removed the guns from the peasantry that he armed. Is this substantiated in any reliable source?
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Were there weapons that a private citizen could not legally own in 1789 in the US?

For example: a cannon, certain types of muskets etc... Were there laws for whether women or freed slaves could not own specific weapons?
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