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For the questions related to history of Hinduism like civilization, culture, scripture etc.

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Why weren't Indians converted en masse to Islam or Christianity?

India was ruled by Muslims from around the 12th century until 1857, and then by the British till 1947. However, India still has a large number of Hindus. Countries like Indonesia, Afghanistan, ...
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Why did the island of Bali remain Hindu when most of the rest of Indonesia converted to Islam?

The Wiki page on the spread of Islam in Indonesia stresses that our knowledge of this macro-historical process is fragmentary, for instance often we don’t how the religion diffused out into the ...
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Where is the Hindu law/instruction of Cremation?

Coming from the northern half of India, I assumed that Hindus were all cremated. In the southern half of the country, I was surprised to find many Hindu burial grounds. Subsequent searches showed many ...
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How did Ram and Krishna become the dominant Gods in Hinduism? [closed]

Hinduism is traditionally a polytheist religion with a wide variety of Gods. In contemporary times, I find that, Ram and Krishna have come to be perceived as the primary Hindu Gods, atleast in certain ...
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