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Questions about the Japanese city of Hiroshima, generally known for having an atomic bomb dropped on it during World War II.

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Why did the United States drop a uranium bomb instead of a plutonium bomb on Hiroshima?

Why did the United States choose to use an untested uranium-fueled (Little Boy) bomb at Hiroshima instead of a plutonium-fueled (Fat Man) bomb, which had been successfully tested at Trinity? Surely ...
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Is the assertion that the A-bomb deterred Stalin plausible? [closed]

An answer on Quora asserted that if the USA had not dropped the a-bomb on Japan that Stalin would've invaded France and not stopped to meet the rest of the allies in Germany? Is there any evidence to ...
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Were there high-ranking Japanese POW as witness at the Trinity Atomic Bomb Test? [closed]

One argument was that providing a demonstration on an unpopulated island ran the risk of failure in front of Japanese observers. But I have not read any suggestion of using a Japanese POW of high ...
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