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What is a major historical event historians are deeply divided over?

I am teaching a middle school history class and need an example of a historical event that has legitimate historians highly divided into at least two camps. My goal is demonstrate that, though ...
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Why can't the gospel of Mark be as late as 110 CE?

The gospel of Mark is conventionally dated to somewhere very close to the Roman-Jewish War (Telford, 1999, p. 12ff). There are clear references to the 70 CE destruction of the Second Temple in Mark 11:...
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How credible is Antony Beevor's work? [closed]

Some sources claim that Beevor is revisionist and anti-Soviet propagandist. What is the basis for this criticism? How credible is Beevor? What bias/influence should readers of Beevor's work keep in ...
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Are the following 5 tenets of historical record examination considered complete today?

In his lectures recorded in the book Historical Evidences of the Truth of the Scripture Records, p. 39, (, George Rawlinson outlines 4 laws or ...
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How can we evaluate a country's historians for independence?

How can we identify historians from a country who are (willing to be) independent of the interests of the government of it? Whether or not a historian is really able to see and hear about their own ...
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What are the opinions of modern historians on the methodology of ḥadīth transmission and ‘Ilm al-Rijāl used by medieval Islamic scholars?

In the Islamic tradition of ḥadīth sciences (a.k.a. ‘Ilm al-Ḥadīth), a typical ḥadīth consists of the maṭn (the content of the ḥadīth) and the sanad (chain of transmitters). Ḥadīth transmitters in the ...
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