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Questions tagged [homer]

Questions about the Ancient Greek traveling bard Homer, and his works the Odyssey and Iliad, as well as the history of Homeric studies and scholarship.

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9 votes
2 answers

What script would Homer have used?

I think that Homer, if a real person at all, is usually supposed to have lived in the 8th century BC, that is to say, at the end of the "Greek Dark Ages". That is a few centuries after the ...
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What does a "wage" mean in the time of 'The Odyssey'?

In Book 10 of The Odyssey, there's the following sentence (English translation): A sleepless man could earn a double wage by herding cows, then pasturing sheep - the paths of day and night are ...
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76 votes
4 answers

Cultural understanding of Penelope's suitors

In the Odyssey, Penelope is courted by 108 suitors, who camp out in her house/royal court indefinitely, behaving badly, while she delays them. I'm having trouble understanding the historical and ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Historicity of Agamemnon

Is there discussion among scholars about whether the Agamemnon of the Iliad was was closely based on a real person, probably with some embellishments and inaccuracies? What books, if any, could I read ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Are there ancient Greek historians who wrote about Mycenae?

I´m interested in Mycenae but have no background in archaeology, so my question is: Did ancient writers like Thucydides, Herodotus, etc. write about Minoan and/or Mycenaean times as well? If not, are ...
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How much of the *Iliad* was confirmed scientifically?

Obviously, one of the central facts of Homer's Iliad was confirmed when archaeologists found Troy. But were there any other details of Iliad (such as existance of Atreidae dynasty, Agamemnon actually ...
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