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2 answers

Is there a primary source for Black Monday, April 13, 1360?

According to English Wikipedia ("Black Monday (1360)"), a severe hail happened on Monday, April 13, 1360 when the army of Edward III was camped in an open field near Chartre. The article ...
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What, exactly, was the role of Bertrand du Guesclin in the Hundred Years' War?

I know that Bertrand du Guesclin was the constable of France from 1369-1380, whose role in the "roll back" of English domination of France was second only to that of Joan of Arc. Although he won a ...
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How many Scots were present at the Battle of Bauge?

The Battle of Bauge According to Wikipedia the Battle of Bauge was a decisive battle in liberating France from England during the one hundred years war. Apparently the battle was won by a five ...
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