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Why were there so many English soldiers at the Battle of Towton compared to other battles of the period?

The Battle of Towton is one of the less famous engagements in English history - which is surprising, given that it was probably the largest, bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil. Certainly - ...
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Did English archers use thumb rings?

Essex Dogs by Dan Jones describes in passing English or Welsh archers 1 using thumb rings during the hundred year's war. I can find (unreliable) references to Roman thumb rings, and certainly the ...
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What was the role of Scotland during the Hundred Years War?

Scotland was the enemy of England, as they had regained their independence. It made sense for them to join hands with the French forces. And I heard something like that in an Extra Credits video. But ...
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Were any prominent people exiled from France during the Hundred years war? Especially between 1390-1397

Were any notable figures (such as noblemen, or mercenaries, politician [idk what they called them back then] etc. ) that were exiled from France during Hundred Years War between 1390 to 1397. Or any ...
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How many Scots were present at the Battle of Bauge?

The Battle of Bauge According to Wikipedia the Battle of Bauge was a decisive battle in liberating France from England during the one hundred years war. Apparently the battle was won by a five ...
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Why did the negotiations between Henry V of England and France fail?

Before Henry V of England resumed the Hundred Years War against France, he and the French government acting for Charles VI who was mentally ill were negotiating for a peace treaty where Henry V would ...
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Did Henry V’s archers at Agincourt fight with no pants / breeches on because of dysentery?

At the Battle of Agincourt (1415), according to the War History Online article The Time English Soldiers went to Battle without Pants, and Won The conditions for the archers at the start of the ...
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Did Jeanne d'Arc really tell a woman that she couldn't serve on the battlefield?

When I was browsing TV Tropes today, I came across this interesting tidbit of information on Jeanne d'Arc's Useful Notes page: "Also, Joan has been attributed with feminist and/or populist views, ...
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What was the Hundred Years' War called at the time?

Similar to this question — What was the Seven Years War called at first? — but for yet a different war. According to Wikipedia, the Hundred Years' War is divided by historians into three smaller "...
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Why did Paris name a metro station and a street after Étienne Marcel?

During the hundred year's war, Étienne Marcel did not recognize Charles V as a king and led an opposing power in Paris. Given that Charles V managed to settle his legitimacy later, how come France ...
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Agincourt - Where was the Earl of Suffolk (de la Pole)?

The English army at Agincourt was divided (largely) into three positions: Henry V in the center, then Camoys and the Duke of York on the sides. One of the most famous English casualties of the battle ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Did the fortunes in the Hundred Years' War depend largely on the weather?

In the Hundred Years' War, the French had more numerous and heavily armed troops, while the English had fewer, more lightly armed (with longbows and less armor) troops that had the advantage of being ...
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Why didn't the English overrun France when the king was their captive?

John II was captured after the Battle of Poitiers in 1356 and taken to Britain. Why did they wait and ransom him only to fight the French again? The ransom was 4 million pounds, but that could be ...
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Is there a primary source for Black Monday, April 13, 1360?

According to English Wikipedia ("Black Monday (1360)"), a severe hail happened on Monday, April 13, 1360 when the army of Edward III was camped in an open field near Chartre. The article ...
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Was either side legally in the right in the Hundred Years War?

Legalistically speaking which side was right in the Hundred Years War. My view is that the Salic law combined with the principle that nobody can transmit a right greater than he himself can possess (...
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What was the attitude of English knights towards their longbowmen counterparts?

On the one hand, Crecy, Neville's Cross and La Roche-Derrien were all almost exclusively victories won by longbowmen. On the other hand, it must be very annoying to have a peasant kill you, and from ...
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Whose colors/coat-of-arms did men-of-arms wear in a feudal army, 14th century?

During the feudal age in Europe there were some kind of hierarchy among nobles, for example, a small lord provided military service to a larger lord, which did the same to a yet larger lord, etc. ...
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What, exactly, was the role of Bertrand du Guesclin in the Hundred Years' War?

I know that Bertrand du Guesclin was the constable of France from 1369-1380, whose role in the "roll back" of English domination of France was second only to that of Joan of Arc. Although he won a ...
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